Your brand image needs a solid foundation

Loreto Cheyne

Your brand image needs a solid foundation–and given how much things have changed over the past year, I’d like to encourage you to think about your company’s brand image.

Key question: does you business have a “face” or identifiable “look”?

As our economic reality continues to evolve, remember that people need to find you to hire you. They need to recognize your business if they’re looking for your service. And that won’t happen if you don’t have a clearly defined business identity. 

For your business to have an identifiable look, you need a foundation. These are key items that, when used consistently in your marketing, results in an identifiable identity. Opinions do differ, but I believe there’s 5 items that make up that foundation: 

     • logo
     • font(s)
     • colours
     • image style

Your logo is literally the “face” of your business, the image that will identify you in the marketplace. It can be an image, or typography treatment, or a combination of both. These days the trend is to have very minimalistic, type-driven logotypes.

These are the fonts that will be used in your logo and your marketing collateral (and usually maximum two). You will also need another font for everyday use.

Your company colours are dictated by your logo. Those are your primary colours, and should not use more than 3. Then you have your “supporting cast,” those secondary colours that you can use in your social posts, as accents or highlights. Again, your colour palette should be limited.

This refers to the types of images that will support your marketing. This can be photographs, illustrations or icons. Whichever style you choose, make sure it’s industry-appropriate and that you choose ONE style. This is the style that will support your marketing and will help show your company’s “personality.”

Coming up with a great tagline is no easy task, so if you have a good one, use it consistently everywhere-in digital and print applications.

If you haven’t invested in your brand image, this is a good time to bring it to the front burner. Creating your brand image IS an investment, but a wise one: a professional-looking business image stands out and  helps your business remain visible and get found.

The good news is that if you’ve already created a print image, it is easy to translate that online. Whic means that people will recognize you and identify you virtually anywhere.

If you haven’t given your business image much thought, start thinking of it as that “look” that makes your business recognizable. Think of it as the foundation to build from.

If you’re ready to invest in your brand image design, get in touch. I will be happy to answer your questions and get your started. You can reach me at

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