Written content: let's get to the point!

Loreto Cheyne

There's a chance you're thinking: "She's a graphic designer. Shouldn't she stick to photos and visuals?"

Ah, but I do deal in written content! Depending on the marketing piece I'm working on, there's a chance I'll have to deal with text. Sometimes a sentence or two. And sometimes a whole lot.

Over the past couple of years it seems that people's attention spans have decreased significantly. That means that if you're creating ads with a ton of text...not too many people are reading it. At least not to the end. 

If you're marketing your services and products that leaves you with a few things to consider. Primarily how wordy you need to be. Because these days people are not willing to read paragraph upon paragraph of flowery language, with beautifully written sentences.

That means you (and I) need to get to the point.

Trust me, that hasn't been easy for me. I'm old-school, which means I'm used to paragraphs. These days a lot of paragraphs contain one sentence. ONE.

I'd like to encourage you to shorten your copy and get really concise.

Really gets to the point. Say what you need to say, and move on.

Because it's not likely that people will stick around reading and reading. They will move on.

That applies to any marketing piece, whether it's printed or digital. These days people want to see headlines and bullet points. And if their interested is peaked, then they'll continue reading.

The image I've included is of a rollup banner for Michelle LeBlanc and her business, Outer Health. I love that her content was so simple: just the necessary contact info to identify her. Because at a crowded event like the National Women's Show people don't stand around reading copy.

If being concise is a challenge for you, you are not alone. Believe me, I've had to practice getting to the point. But the new reality in marketing is that less is more. When it comes to copy, that is.

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