Is doing your own graphic design the best use of your time?

Loreto Cheyne

Your business is growing and you’ve got plans to keep it that way. But you are BUSY. You keep wishing you had an extra hour in the day to accomplish everything you have to do.

When you’re a business owner, that’s a reality, not an exaggeration.

Oddly enough, over the years I‘ve met way too many business owners who continue to try to do everything themselves. I’m speaking specifically of marketing and design tasks. Things like putting together newsletter layouts. Like creating templates to promote monthly specials. Even though they they don’t enjoy doing it and they walk away frustrated and resentful.

Does that describe you?

I’m not sure why, but in my experience, design and marketing are the two areas that business owners think they “should/must tackle themselves.” This seems to be the one area of business growth that a lot of entrepreneurs seem to stubbornly continue to handle.

Today, I want you to think of your graphic design in a different way:

  1. Is designing your own promotional item worth the TIME investment?
  2. Or are those 2 hours you’re wasting best used actually RUNNING your business?

Often clients will call me after they’ve spent three hours they can ill afford in doing something they really have no experience doing. Something as easy as creating an email signature. If you don’t know what you’re doing, if you have little experience using Photoshop, and you don’t know how to resize files, you are simply wasting your time.

And let’s not forget the websites that promise that “you too can design ------ in three easy steps!”

That's what happened to a client a couple of years ago. She’d run out of the business cards I’d designed for her, so she went to a website where she could “design her own.” As she described it,

“I went down the rabbit hole of drop down-menus, until I realized I’d wasted two hours on this business card. And I still didn’t have a design I liked.”

Do yourself a favour, and hand over those tasks to someone who actually has the skills to do it. Spend your valuable time running YOUR business, doing the thing you’re good at. You can hire a graphic designer, a virtual assitant, or a social media manager. Get your time back.

If you need someone to help you with these tasks, contact me and I will be happy to recommend someone for you. 

And if you're ready to hire a graphic designer, check out this post first: Rules of Engagement.

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