The only Halloween card I’ve ever received-and kept

Loreto Cheyne

Have you ever received a Halloween card? Given one?

Not me. In my whole lifetime, I’ve only received one, and  it was a pretty memorable one.

A long, long time ago, I worked at a printing company in Mississauga. I worked in the art department, which was led by Greg. Greg wasn’t my boss, but he was my supervisor. And he was awesome. He ran our small department really well, but he was also the kind of person you could learn from, have great chats with, and joke around with. Trust me, that wasn’t the case with most of the other people that worked there. To my just-about-out-of-college self, he was pretty cool. 

With Greg, you could joke around, tease, talk about bands, and then get right back to work. From the start we traded the sarcastic comments and comebacks that wouldn’t fly with anyone else in a “boss” position. He made work fun.

Once on Halloween, he walked in, coffee in hand, and handed me a card. “I’m going to give you this, but it’s blank. And you can’t write on it and give it to anyone else.”

Here’s what the inside says:

“I like you because you’re cute and evil.”

Every year around Halloween I think about Greg. 

I’ve kept that card for twenty years. That card says so much to me. That one small piece of stationery showed me that Greg got me. He really understood me. And he knew I would love it, and laugh a lot.  

Sometimes it’s hard to say what you feel, and then you find the perfect card. For me, that was it. It showed such thoughtfulness.

That’s why I love greeting cards. One small thing can lift someone else’s spirits and totally make their day...and sometimes, the memory lingers for years. And years. 

I know it’s old-fashioned, but this type of connection remains in our minds and in our hearts for a very long time, probably far longer than a text or any other digital message might. At any rate, I’ve always felt grateful for his ability to laugh and make others laugh, and his extreme thoughtfulness. I don’t think he knows it, but Greg made my day...and to this day I thank him for being part of my journey. 

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