Staycation: missing my bestie but staying connected

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"Staycation" is a word I've been hearing a lot this summer. Despite the fact that a great number of Canadians are now vaccinated, it seems that summer travel has definitely been more on the local side this summer.

For me, summer would normally mean a visit to southern Ontario, where my best friend and I can have a great week together. But the last time I saw her was the fall of 2019....and I'm thinking this summer/fall there will be no visit.

That's a bummer. I've been missing her, and feeling nostalgic. I've been revisiting old photos and  scrapbooks, remembering all the good times we've had since we were teenagers. And I won't lie-a big part of me is really sad that this year I won't see her this summer.

Oh, we call each other often. And because we're old-fashioned-we also email :-)

But still. I miss her. And I miss all the adventures we normally share.

Now, there's another side to that. While I'm unable to reconnect with my best friend, I've been lucky enough to start socializing with new friends that I've made over the past year. And I've been having coffee dates with friends thet I haven't seen since the pandemic started.
  • I had coffee with Kim to catch up
  • I had lunch with Anna and Donna-lea at Dow's Lake (great food & the view!)
  • I've learned how to paddle board with Susan
  • I did the Run for Women 5k walk with Ima, Susan, Kristina, Sarah, Wendy and Alyson

This weekend I'll be hosting a garden dinner party for some lovely ladies I've known for a few years...but haven't seen since last summer.

So in the grand scheme of things, I think it balances out. In these Covid times you do the best you can. 

How about YOU? Have you been able to reconnect with your friends?

Are you seeing any of them? It's easy to get into a daily grind (once again) and just keep working, making dinner, going to bed, then doing it all over again.

But it's important to remember that friends bring  such an important dimension to our lives. We need friendships. We need connection. We need support and we need to give support.

If you haven't seen your best friend in a long while, reach out. Let her/him know you're thinking of them. They're probably missing you too.

You can call; you can text; you can even get old-times and write a letter. You can video chat. And if you're so inclined, you can even get some of my cards and send them :-)

But no matter HOW you reach out and connect, it's important to do it. For your emotional health and theirs. And when you do, trust me, you'll reminisce about the old days and laugh!




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