Managing the media that support your brand image

Loreto Cheyne

No matter where you look, we live in a visual world. Gone are the days when columns of text were expected from a marketing message. These days it’s all about the visuals, and minimal (but impactful) text. 

We are in an age where it’s simply easier to use photos to tell a story. And now there’s the “new” kid in town: video.

I don’t know too many people who didn’t attend at least one zoom meeting over the past year. For many of us, video has become the norm...and some of it is not recorded. It’s live (again, thank you Zoom).

According to the latest statistics and official word from platforms like YouTube and Instagram, video will be heavily  favoured as a means of communication in the very near future.

So I think it’s fair to say that the time for ignoring photo and video are over. Big time. These days it pays to manage the media you’re using and sharing because everyone-not just teenagers-is getting used to seeing videos instead of reading long paragraphs. 

Consider the role that photos and video play in our businesses:

  • It’s much easier to demonstrate a skill by having someone record you doing it 

  • If you sell your product online, you need good photos of YOUR product-not stock images

  • Videos give your audience a perfect way to see what you look like, what you sound like, how you short, it’s the easiest way let people “get to know you.” 

If you’re building a business and designing your brand image, photos and video need to be carefully thought out and planned. For your message to have real impact it’s important to choose media that 

  • will support/explain your message
  • help tell your company’s story
  • are relevant to specific posts

That means that you will need to manage the process. It’s much easier to plan out your marketing strategy instead of franctically searching for an image everytime you need to post in social media. Plan a day or half day to just gather photos, plan videos, or even record them. Then organize them. It will be far more efficient than having to shoot a “last minute video”-which, believe me, leaves you stressed and frazzled!

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Speaking from experience, I’ve spent way too much time looking for a specific photo. If I’d followed my own advice above, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time. And I wouldn’t have ended up totally frustrated.

Some of you might wonder if it’s better to hire a company to produce your videos. To be honest, if you’re interested in sharing a series of videos and you own a big company, that might be the way to go. But for those of us with much smaller businesses, seeing a more casual, less polished video might be an advantage-not to mention more authentic. 

The bottom line is that visual media has become the key element in marketing.

You can’t keep ignoring it. So instead of “dealing with it later” set aside some time to set up a system of managing that works for you. Because it will only save you time and frustration in the long run.

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