Is your marketing message consistent from one medium to another?

Loreto Cheyne

Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the beginning and check whether the foundation we’re standing on is solid. That’s definitely the case with marketing your business and building your brand image.

 So this February, how about trying that? Go back to the beginning and think about your marketing message. As I understand it, “marketing message” should be the main idea you wish you convey about your business to the public. And it should be in one sentence. Hopefully a simple, short, CLEAR one.

So what’s your marketing message? Do you know immediately what it is? Can you recite it right off the top of your head?

You should. Because your marketing message is the one concept that should be driving your marketing efforts. It’s what determines the marketing tactics you will use. So the first step is: write down your marketing message. Make it easy to understand, and make it brief.

Then check whether that message is coming through clearly from one platform to another. From one medium to another. Because if it isn’t, then you have an inconsistence that need to be addressed.

Let me give you an example-me. My marketing message this year is 

As we move through Covid, is your brand image connecting you to your audience....or is there a mismatch or disconnect?

All my activities and posts for this year will center around that theme. And it will start from the bottom up: starting with my marketing message, to the website content, and then moving on to social media posts. And now I need to consider  online networking and video, because that’s also where people “see” my business and brand.

Your message needs to be clear, consistent and concise. When it’s clear and brief, then the chances of you repeating it over and over increase vastly. And that means everyone, no matter where they find you, will be getting the same message from you and your business.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. If you’re confused and want to have a chat (or video call!) please get in touch. I’d love to discuss with you.


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