Is your communication style consistent within your marketing?

Loreto Cheyne communication consistency

This past year I’ve become aware of how important language is ....which sounds odd, since we all talk all the time!

Here’s the thing:

Language and messaging are not the same thing.

When it comes to marketing our businesses, the way we speak may not really convey or support our marketing message. It is a weird, tangled mess.

And of course as humans, it’s our nature to make things more complicated. Here’s the perfect example:

For many of us, our websites carry our “official message.” Often, the language in our website can sound more formal or “grown up” in an effort to sound professional and credible.

In real life, however, the way we speak and write is far less formal (and sometimes colourful!). Which leaves a gap between our official message on the website, and the way we talk about our business on an everyday manner.

This gap can be a problem when there’s an obvious disconnect in all the different ways you communicate.

For instance:

  • the content of your website sounds very polished, with plenty of “$50 words” thrown in
  • your social media posts, on the other hand, are peppered with current expressions, and a few curse words
  • but on Zoom your presentations tend to be fairly high-level, and you sometimes use industry/technical jargon that some people many not know

So when you put all of it together, it’s easy to see that there’s a bit of disconnect with communication.

This disconnect can confuse some people, and perhaps even fail to help you connect with others.

Remember: all this is subtle, and happening subconsciously, quietly in the background.

But if you’re working hard to market your business, doesn’t it make sense to make sure you’re showing up the same everywhere? And "showing up" also includes the way you communicate.

If you suspect your communication style isn’t consistent, there’s experts who can help. Get in touch, and I’ll be happy to connect you.

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