Is it time to update your logo?

Loreto Cheyne brand image logo update redesign

The pandemic brought about huge changes for most businesses. Nearly every business was forced to change various aspects of how they did things, some very radically. Did that happen to you?

If your business has changed, let me ask you:

Has your brand image changed as well, to adapt to your new way of doing business?

Think about your logo: If you’re still using the same logo you began with, chances are, it’s a bit outdated. And it’s possible that a redesign is in order. After all, your logo is the foundation of your brand image, and for the most part, the “face” of your business. 

But how do you know it’s time to invest in a logo?

Have you consulted with your staff-and how do they feel about your current logo? Because a change like this isn’t just for vanity. At the end of the day, the logo is for your audience, who need to connect with your business and identify it in the marketplace.

If you’re not sure, here’s 3 signs that it’s a good time to start the redesign process: 

1) Your logo is a photograph.
If you started out your business with a logo that’s really a photograph, then there’s no two ways about it: you need a real logo.

It’s time for a logo that’s in vector format and can be scaled, changed to black and white, and reproduced on any promotional material.

Why not keep using that photograph? Because a photo is too detail-rich to reproduce well, and cannot be enlarged without loss of quality. 

2) Your logo is really just clipart.
If you’ve built a successful business that has some longevity, then you need a real logo. Not a cartoon. Not a cute image that makes people go “ cute!” You need a real logo that shows your professionalism, not some cute animal drawing you got for “free” online.

(by the way, images online aren’t“free.” there are copyright laws around their use.)

3) Your logo is a cluttered grouping of several different elements.
Esthetics have changed radically in the past five years. People don’t want to spend time trying to figure out what your logo “is.” Minimalism is definitely the new way for logo design. If yours is a hodge podge of the services you used to offer, ask yourself:

• do I still offer all those?
• what do potential clients really need to see?


If you find that your logo IS due for an update, please contact me. It would be a pleasure to redesign your logo so that it represents your business as it now is.

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