Year end thought: is EVERYTHING in your brand image back to normal?

Loreto Cheyne

What a ride the past (almost) two years have been. It’s safe to say that the pandemic affected nearly every business in ways we hadn’t imagined.

Many business owners had to take their business online. Many businesses had to dramatically restructure and even change the products they made and sold.

Many people, like myself, found that there were different things they wanted to offer.

What about you? Did 2020-2021 bring major changes to your business?

Covid forced many of us to take a look at how we were doing things and what was really a priority in both our lives and businesses. As 2021 winds down, here’s my question to you:

Does your visual brand still reflect and support your business goals?

Take some time and reflect on that question. Then take stock of your visual brand. Is everything working together-or are you finding big discrepancies from one medium to another? Make a detailed list of what needs to change. Then start tackling that list, one item at a time.

I’ve done that, and this holiday season I will have some time off to reconcile the content of my website and blog with my social media content. I want to make sure that the 6 key marketing messages I’ve worked on this year are coming through clearly in every platform...not just in my head. 

I need to make sure that the social media platforms I’m using are actually serving me well. And if they’re not, I will be shutting them down. I need to make sure that the product photos I’ve been using are still relevant. And I need to get a new headshot done!

I need to make sure that both services I provide are equally well looked after; earlier this year I spoke with a lot of folks who still didn’t know that I now design and sell greeting cards online. That’s something I need to improve. I need to make sure that everyone sees what I want them to matter where they’re looking!

In an effort to “get back to normal” don’t forget to look back and see where these two years have taken you. Check that every thing is actually going where you want it to. If you don’t make the time to review the state of things, how will you know what you’ve actually accomplished?

The most important message I have for you this December is: take the time-no, MAKE the time to pause and reflect on your business vision. Consider how the pandemic has affected your business. And check whether all your marketing activities are still supporting that vision. 

I wish you a very happy holiday season and a very successful New Year.

Merry Christmas.

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