"Hello. Have we met yet?"

Loreto Cheyne

This is one of the tips Sue B. Zimmerman uses on Instagram (@theinstagramexpert). The idea is to create a short introduction so that people visiting your page for the first time will have a pretty good idea of who you are, and why they should (or shouldn’t) follow you.

Today I’m borrowing Sue’s idea. I haven't "introduced" myself in a while,  so I'd like to share some tidbits about me + my business-and then you can decide if you want to follow me on Instagram :-)

Here's 5 points to keep it simple:

1. I’m a creative professional

That’s the easy way of saying “I’m a graphic-designer-turned-greeting-card-designer.” The pandemic made me realize I can use my graphic design skills to create greeting cards. I focus on typography, which is a fancy word for letters and typefaces. 

flowers in a vase

2. I’m a gardener

About 16 years ago I started puttering in the backyard, and before I knew it, I’d fallen in love with gardening. From here on, you’ll see lots of images of the pretty flowers in some of the type artwork I create. They'll also appear in my stories :-)

I can literally spend all day digging in the dirt.

3. I like to laugh, and make others laugh

My greeting cards will tell you everything you know about me: I laugh all the time, I have a fairly irreverent sense of humour. I am not easily offended. If I can't laugh at myself....well, what's the point?

4. I’m what people politely call “passionate.”

What that means is that I’m opinionated, I tend to get loud, I laugh a lot and I “tell it like it is.” Sometimes my opinions show up in my stories or the comments I make. I don't take them back. If I type it, I mean it.  I guess it’s not much of a secret that I’m not an introvert. Blame my heritage. I’m from Chile, and I drink white wine. Not red.

5. I now design and sell greeting cards online.

The pandemic taught me that connection is the thing that’s most important to me. So when you can’t connect in person, I figured greeting cards in the mail could fill in the gap. I create cheeky, sassy cards for women like me, who grew up in the ’80s. The idea is to laugh, reminisce, and stay connected with the people that support you. My goal is to create a line of giftware based on my cards, eventually. The goal for doing all these things is connection…because the friendships that women forge can get us through anything. 

You can check the cards out here: https://loladesign.ca/collections/greeting-cards

And there it is. I think I've given you enough info to decide if you'd like to follow me on Instagram or not. 

Thank you for checking out this post!


Final note to all the fine gentlemen who see my pic (!) and decide to follow me: I'm not interested in being friends with you. I'm married. And thank you for all the lovely compliments, blah blah blah. In case it's not obvious, this is a business account.

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