Headshots are your first point of contact and connection

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“I hate having my picture taken. I am the least photogenic person I know!”

“I hate how stiff and unnatural I look.”

“They’re making us take our headshots at work. My least favourite part of work!”

I used to be one of those people above, the ones that loathed and hated having her picture taken. 

But then I met the one photographer who changed my mind.

That’s Ima Ortega.  Many of you know her. 

When it comes to professional headshots there’s photographers who do the standard stiff, formal poses. They are professional shots, after all. Ima, however, understands the importance of your personality coming through. Of getting the essence of you showing. And she takes care to get that out of you. Which is really important to me.

I’ve known Ima for about a decade now, and I’ve worked with her enough times to know she is one talented photographer. And there’s a lot of reasons why I love her portraits.

This March I had my portraits updated by her. And before we started she asked me

“What do you want your photos to portray? What do you want people to see?”

That surprised me. But my answer was: "Friendly. Approachable. Fun. Just show the goof that I am.”

And she let me. Some of the shots were absolutely hilarious.  And while they’re lovely and fun and very spontaneous, I know half the shots I picked will not be for my headshot. But I’ll definitely be using them in other marketing ideas!

I love that Ima gets the best out of her subject, whatever that may be. She coaches you and just talks, helping you relax. And before you know it, the real you, the awesome you comes out. 

If you’re afraid of having your headshots done, remember this: it’s the one item people will see  before they ever meet you.

It’s the one item that will help you connect, subconsciously, the one item that will subtly make people want to get to know you, intrigue them.

Make sure whoever you hire gets the best out of you.



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