Connection: the new currency

Loreto Cheyne

Happy New Year! 

The past two weeks I haven’t been working. But I have been thinking about everything that went on last year, and most importantly, the lessons I learned. And I have to admit, the pandemic has been quite a teacher.

The thing that sticks out for me is the importance of connection. Connection in every sense: with family, friends, colleagues, my own space, and my own garden.

It’s taken me this long to realize and understand that connection is the thing that’s most important to me, both personally and in my work.

So now, over to you. Was connecting important to you in 2021?

  • Did you text a friend you hadn’t heard from in a while? 

  • How often did you join a zoom networking event-because live events are still not being held? 

  • Did you send a colleague a private online message-because you hadn’t connected in months?

I know I did. And it was surprising the number of both friends and colleagues who reached out just to say hi and chat. That’s when I realized that things were changing. The pandemic is changing us, and it’s changing the way we interact.

 The way we work and meet has changed radically. Our work lives have evolved and “virtual” has become part of the way we do business-at least for the time being.

As 2021 marched on, I realized how critical connection has become-and how it’s now applying to our business image and our brand images.

Because of online meetings what constitutes “brand image” is expanding, and I believe it now includes the way we present ourselves and connect with others on video. For sure it’s a new and interesting angle I will be exploring in 2022, one I didn’t think would be a point to consider.

Why? Because I’ve seen is that people are tired of the hard sell, and of being sold to at every turn, with every interaction. I’ve had more than one conversation with colleagues who are starting to see the value of connecting and developing relationships, rather than making every interaction transactional. I know this new way is more appealing to me.

So how brand image helps us connect with our audience is what I’ll be focusing on this year.

I believe (and hope) that “connection” will become one of our most important values. We’ll see how my theory pans out.

As 2022 gets started, I wish you every success.




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