Celebrating the women that cheer you on

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On March 8 we celebrated International Women’s Day. This whole month had me thinking about the women in my life, the ones I’m lucky to call friend. Today’s post is about those ladies that stand behind me, support me, and cheer me on.


I’m at an age where I have women in my life who have have been my friend at least a decade. Some have known me over 30 years-and for that, I’m incredibly thankful. I hope you are lucky enough to have some long-lasting friendships.

If you are that lucky, have you ever taken some time to celebrate those ladies and the role they’ve played in your life? International Women’s Day always makes me think about the women whose support have propelled me forward all these years.

How about you? Do you have friends who’ve helped you move forward?

  • think about that manager who encouraged you to apply for that promotion
  • remember that friend who was brave enough to tell you you were sick, and it was time to get help? (I do)
  • think about that girlfriend who told you to stop messing around and launch the business already! (raising my hand)
  • what about the one who stood at your wedding, became your kid’s godmother, helped you pack to move?

If you dig deep enough, you’ll remember the women who have propped you up, picked you up, let you cry, brought over wine when you needed it. You will also remember the ones who laughed with you, celebrated with you.

Without a doubt there’s something special about women’s friendships. Once you find your tribe you settle into an easy, comfortable relationship that covers the whole range: money troubles, medical questions, grumbling about spouses, kids’ challenges at school....and eventually the dreaded M. Menopause.

Women are natural nurturers, cheerleaders. When we have questions, we’re unsure about what to do, we don’t plow blindly ahead. We call a girlfriend who sets us straight. Or at least commiserates. I hope you're keeping these friendships alive and well.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve made my case for the importance of having women friends. But I have one ask.

This month, this week, TODAY, get in touch with a woman who’s truly made a difference in your life. Someone who pulled you out of a dark hole. Someone who stood beside you when things fell apart. Get in touch with her, and thank her. Celebrate her. Tell her how you appreciate her being your cheerleader.

Because I know one day you’ll be someone else’s :-)

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