Can your business be found easily-online and offline?

Loreto Cheyne

The past ten months have forced every business to become more flexible. If nothing else, the pandemic has pushed nearly every business to go online in some way.

How about you? Has YOUR business been able to adapt to being online-marketing, selling, networking, and anything else in between?

If you have, that’s great. And if you’re still adjusting…well, who isn’t? The important thing is to make sure that your business is online and constantly visible. 

I’ve found that the best way to stay both consistent AND visible is to make sure that your print image has transitioned online. If you invested any time and money creating a brand image for your business in print, there’s no reason why you can’t transition that to the digital world.

Think of it like this: your basic brand image is made up really of five foundation items: your logo; your fonts; your business colours; your image style; and if possible, a memorable tagline.

Now it’s likely that those items first made an appearance in print…think business cards, store sign, sell sheets. But with social distancing and so many people working from home, it’s essential for your business to have an online presence. You’ve already done the work, so there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Here’s some examples of how to transition your brand image online:

  • You’ve got a logo? Great. simply upload it to your website and social media pages. 
  • If you had headshots professionally done, use one of those in all your online profiles
  • Your company colours should be consistent in any media, from your signage back to your website
  • The photos that appear in your print marketing collateral are the same photos that should be appearing in your online promotions
  • That tagline you had printed on your letterhead should also appear in your email signature and your Facebook banner

If you’ve invested more in your print image than your online image, now is the time to balance the two. Because now that social distancing is still firmly in place, online is the primary way your business will remain visible and continue to be seen, at least for the next while. 

If you haven’t done so yet, take some time to make sure business image is consistent  image and easily recognizable as one whether online or offline. If you don’t have the time or interest-then this is definitely one of those tasks you can defer to a graphic designer. But it needs to be done. 

If this is the kind of task you need help with, I’ll be glad to give you a hand. You can reach me at

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