Authenticity in your videos

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Video. The final frontier. 

Well, it’s final until some new technology comes long (hopefully not for a while!)

I don’t know about you, but making the leap to video was not an easy one for me. I suspect I’m not the only one who still feels awkward, weird and nervous when recording videos. And there’s no way I’m doing live video. It’s too stressful!

The reality is that video marketing is here to stay. And let’s be honest: video can make a point (and a connection) in ways photos and text simply cannot. 

So are you using video to market your business? And if you are, how are you showing up?

If you’re using video regularly, it eventually becomes another tool in your marketing toolkit. And it eventually becomes part of your brand image and your brand.  

Which brings me to branding.

Even now I find it interesting that some folks still think “branding” is a magical coat they put on from 9-5, so they can in fact, “be someone else at work.

If I know anything about branding, it’s that it has to be authentic. It has to be rooted in who you really are. Because people can spot a phony a mile away. And it doesn’t make a good impression.

So how are you showing up on video, whether it’s meetings or promotional? Are you being the real you....or do you put on a persona that you think others want to see?

If that’s the tactic you’re using, it’s a problem. Putting on that persona is unrelatable, it’s fake, and it’s unsustainable over the long term. At one point you’ll be exhausted from putting up that (fake) front.

Before you spend any time and effort creating carefully crafted videos, keep in mind that videos are quickly becoming part of all our brands, wether we like it or not. Whether it’s videos you produce or participate in, they need to support your marketing message, and they need to support you in connecting to your audience. In an authentic way.

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