All the little pesky details of your brand image

Loreto Cheyne

Over the past few years I’ve learned that everything in life truly is about the little things. And when it comes to brand image, that bit of wisdom also does apply.

This month, I’m specifically thinking about all the tiny little technical details of your brand image-the things that often go unchecked or don’t get updated...and tend to annoy your audience.

Think of all the items that you need to keep track of when it comes to your brand image:

  • your website 
  • the photos you need for your LinkedIn posts
  • your social media banners
  • your social media posts!
  • the photos you take to share on Instagram
  • the blog posts you need to write and share
  • your email signatures

(and so on)

Those are just the tip of the iceberg....because there’s so much more.

I know this because I personally have to keep track of all those thing I need to update....and often leave until it can no longer be put off. I know your pain.

Here’s the thing:

When you don’t update your website, or clean up your social media banners once in a while, people notice. When you share posts with links that don’t go anywhere, people notice. When there’s absolutely no easy-to-find contact information, people notice.

Because you’re making them work hard for it-and no one likes that.

If you want people to read your blog, the link has to be correct. If you want to share a video that will really help your clients...don’t make them visit 3 external websites and then click 5 times to get to it. Because they won’t. They’ll just give up. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve made all those mistakes. And thankfully, there were kind colleagues who pointed it out so I could correct it.)

If you have resources in your website, or you offer a pdf for download, take care that your documents are at least easy to read, at best well designed. Don’t make people hunt for them all over your website. 

All of the above may seem like tiny pesky details that “no one will care about.” And it’s true. Some people won’t mind that you made them click 5 times to get to that video you promised. But others will. And they’ll be annoyed, and they won’t come back.

Remember that all of these touch points are about helping you connect with your audience. And it’s all very subtle and subconscious. It’s not like you deliberately set out to annoy people, after all! But give people enough reasons, and they’ll just give up trying to connect with you.

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