Why I'm not interested in acting my age

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“For Pete’s sake, act your age!”

“Act your age” or “act like an adult” are phrases I wish would be erased from our vocabulary. Some of the best times I’ve had have been while NOT acting like an adult.

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I personally seldom feel compelled to “act my age” or “like a lady.” And apparently neither does my best friend. Because when we get together, we laugh so loud her husband gets embarrassed and asks us to quiet down. 

Best friends are great for reminding you not to act your age. If they’ve known you long enough, then you probably did some silly/shady stuff together. And then you laughed about it. A lot. 

Here’s what not acting your age might look like:

1) An unexpected boob flash
Years ago I was on vacation at the beach. There were 5 women in their 50’s wearing similar red tshirts at the water’s edge. Something was up. I waited, and after a few minutes, there was a countdown, and they all ripped off their shirts....so they could get a topless photo. 

2) Reuniting and squealing in delight
Do you ever go to the airport/train station/hotel lobby and see 2 women running towards each other, squealing in delight? That usually happens when they reunite after being apart for a while. Yes, I’ve been the squealer once or twice. And it’s a beautiful thing. Men are lovely and all, but they just don’t squeal and hug like that :-) (my husband says it’s like a bunch of hens clucking together).

3) Screaming out in song
At a street festival. There was traffic backed up & one driver had his stereo blasting horrifically. For the whole world to enjoy. When the chorus came, two 50-something women screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs. There was some applause. There was giggling from onlookers.

And there was zero embarrassment from the women.

Whenever possible, I try not to act my age. And laugh. I work with my friend L. sometimes. And we often look at each other and break out into spontaneous dance. And why not? God knows life is challenging enough. Who says we can’t have a little fun and be silly? 

So today I’m going to recommend that you forget the responsible, tax-paying adult that you normally are. And I’m going to encourage you to grab your girlfriend and do something spontaneous, fun, outrageous. Remember the wild girl you used to be.

And if it all works out, you’ll embarrass the husbands. And perhaps the husbands will realize it’s time to remove that pickle and lighten up.


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